Top 10 Reasons to Believe That the EARTH IS FLAT

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According to the esteemed font of scholarly knowledge known as, Wikipedia, the Earth is an oblate spheroid. However, according to the Flat Earth Society who have the word “Earth” right there in their name, the Globe is actually a big flat disk, gravity is a lie and NASA is the most powerful commercial entity on Earth, which we think sounds a lot more likely than all of that “science” crap they taught us about in physics class.

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10. You’re part of an exclusive club
9. A bunch of highly influential people also believe the Earth is flat
8. Live in a world like Game of Thrones
7. You get to prove Einstein wrong!
6. NASA is like, super evil and corrupt
5. Flat Earthers are smarter than most ancient and modern scientists
4. You don’t really have to understand how anything works
3. You can win every argument!
2. Drawing a line on the horizon
1. Believing the Earth is flat makes you special!

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