Latest Flat Earth Map 2016 !! (Full Version)

Drawing the map of the earth on the screen pixel by pixel using an input file containing latitude and longitude values. There will be two different representations of the map. The first will be like a typical map found in a textbook allowing you to see all the countries in a rectangular form. The second version will be centered around the North pole, similar to a map commonly referred to as the “Flat Earth” map represented as a circle. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate how data can be used to draw on the screen using VB and to show the striking similarities of the two versions of the maps. The video demonstrates why lines of longitude and latitude must be parallel to ensure any kind of accuracy in representing the true sizes and shapes of countries. It proves that when lines of longitude are not parallel, the countries are stretched and/or compressed beyond recognition.

Please excuse the audio in the video, I was getting over a flu not to mention, I am a relative newbie on here.

Please note there is a mistake on the map: The Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn lines should be reversed.

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