I SAW IT ON THE INTERNET (B.o.B. Diss) [Flat Earth Theory Debunked | Neil Degrasse Tyson ]

Flat-Earth theory, or shall I say conspiracy, and Holocaust-denial debunked. B.o.B. Diss. Neil DeGrasse Tyson & NASA made me do it, via mind control devices and threatening to kill my family if I exposed their grand hoax to hide the true shape of the planet. Why do they (and every other scientist or informed layman since Ancient Greece) care to lie to you about this? Still haven’t figured that part out, perhaps the great evil serpent put them up to it? Sounds legit…

Could it really be true? Decide for yourself! But remember… THEY are always watching you!

If he had just come out spewing some flat-Earth BS I might have just let it slide with a laugh and some serious SMH… But then he decided to promote a Holocaust denier to millions of listeners just a few days before Holocaust Remembrance Day? The only way for me not to explode on this POS B.o.B. was to just have even more laughs at his expense so here goes…

Neil DeGrasse Tyson nobody should disrespect your life’s work the way this fool did. But somehow, I feel he never really worried you too much now did he? You know what, in the end I’m glad because “I Saw It On The Internet” is a concept that’s been floating around in my brain for some time now, and this clown was my muse to help bring it out… There are far more dangerous, and devious conspiracy theories out there than thinking the planet is flat, such as the ‘global warming is a giant hoax invented by “the Chinese”’ absurdities espoused by Republican front-runner and Presidential candidate @Donald Trump, which I rip apart in another song:

And B.o.B., because I’m extra-pissed you distracted me from the celebrity-focused anti-fur music video I’m working on, at least I can show the world that you don’t just disrespect human intelligence, Jews, and black people (like I said, I did the research on David Irving, did you before you put his name in your song?) you also think its perfectly fine to wear a tortured dead dog for your disgusting vanity. Here’s a little meme I made to show everybody what I mean:

My favourite scientist/rappers that I mentioned in the song are Baba Brinkman and Greydon Square, here are their websites:

And my own website:

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