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If you’re unfamiliar with Flat Earthers or The Flat Earth Society, their name pretty much explains their scientific point of view. They believe the Earth is flat, not round. If they’re right, Galileo never should have been pardoned by the Catholic Church for his round Earth theory, for which he died in jail about 4 hundred years ago. Incidentally he was only pardoned in 1992. So they likely apologized to his corpse dust. Better late than never? Galileo died in prison for the crazy idea that planet Earth, and most other celestial objects, are roughly spherical in shape. And that the Earth circles the Sun, a heliocentric view of the cosmos. Actually, while Giordano Bruno was actually the first to offer the theory, Galileo, clever fellow that he was, was feeling that round Earth circling the Sun logic. But it was not a popular theory. Pope Urban VIII made sure Bruno was burned as a heretic and Galileo got life.

Here in 2016 most of us can now confirm soundly that the Earth is quite round and the whole burning alive and imprisonment stuff was a touch unfair. Although the fervent nature with which TV personality Tila Tequlia and rapper B.o.B. oppose round Earth thinking is almost enough to make us question our point of view. Afterall, no one wants to be a Pope Urban VIII.  But Tila and B.o.B. are certain of Earth’s flatness. Chiefly becasue the horizon appears to be straight to their scientific eyes and reason. 

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