Amateur Footage of FLAT EARTH!!! 2016 No fake NASA CGI

Amateur footage of a balloon with cam that has very little wide lens/fish eye effect showing flat earth. The fact is most people don’t realize people using GoPro’s or other wide lens cameras for amateur footage are going to see a curve because its built into the camera.

The same way people riding a plane see a curve out the window because they are curved windows. The FACT that you can still see the horizon at eye level proves earth is not a ball, period. Even common sense and your natural instincts prove earth is flat.

You feel no rotation of earth because there is no rotation. If the earth was spinning at 1500 miles an hour you’d feel the rotation and see it. Most people are brainwashed by this ridiculous contradictory idea of earth and even I was victim to it. But not anymore.

I’ve even heard some ignorant people say flat earth is used to make alternative media “look stupid”. What a joke. They are still blindly attached to NASA, its lies, and all the hollywood entertainment with movies/shows in space.

Like red hot chili peppers song californiacation says in the lyrics “space may be the final frontier but its made in a Hollywood basement”.

Post Author: hatefull