Airplanes on a Spherical Earth: Flat Earth Research Challenge!!!

11 minutes into my presentation all Sphere Earth Theories fall flat. Sources cited in Description. Yes I know that people complain that I make too long of videos, but then I remember that Instagram and SnapChat were created for people who cant read and a popularity contest and have the general public’s thought process regress back to picture books with one phrase sentences like in 1st grade Elementary School. Children have a REALLY short attention span.

Years of information compiled into a 34 minute video. I think I did an alright job. Its a 35 minute video but if you know me and you’ve watched some of my videos, you’re going to LEARN A LOT. This is PART 1 of my proofing of Engineer Brian Mullens Data.

People state that “Gravity” also magically moves the plane with the curve without the
pilot knowing or moving it. at the SAME TIME as Free Fall Acceleration 1/2 * 9.82ms^2??????
—-People are serious about this.

Saying “Gravity” controls the Aircraft to follow the curve WITHOUT the pilots control
and not knowing is the most ridiculous statement that Ive ever heard, and its the most
repeated refute by the general public and majority have never flown an aircraft.
—- I seriously look at them like they are crazy.

This magical “Gravity” isnt an umbilical cord that keeps things
with the globe model like a Yo-Yo, this is complete idiocy and would defeat
the purpose of Engineering aircraft!

There is no gravity force acting on the plane at all other than
Free Fall Acceleration, the thrust of the turbines or the rocket propulsion,
Drag, wind resistance, turbulence etc. And deflection

This “Gravity” thing is so magical, it does everything science cant explain.
“Gravity moves the plane with the curve” SMH

Civil, Commercial, and Military Aircraft are designed to use the air as a fluid and defy
Free Fall Acceleration AKA Gravity “What goes up must come down” WITH deflection.

and from a Sphere Earther That Hates Flat Earthers
Part 1:
Part 2:

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Click here for Part 2 to this video with Military Aircraft.

Curve Charts to Test The Globe
Imperial Ball Earth Chart (Standard aka Miles)

Metric Ball Earth Chart- English

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Terra Firma Research

Architects and Engineers

NASA: Flat Non-Rotating Earth
page taken down ^ new link below!1VMkmC5T!vHjLPPp3eZ…

NASA: Flat Universe

Atmospheric Data:
page taken down…

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Commerical Pilots Women 32:1 Ratio

Altitude meter and Attitude Meter Relation.
page taken down….

64bit and 32bit

Good thing for technology I have saved all websites and screen shots just incase they decide to be sneaky and change things. Just like the Curvature Math.

If you dont know what “Regress” means

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