Antarctic flights & bad maps really chuff up the Flat earth. What now?

The Heliocentric ball earth model is laughable. But. The flat earth doesn’t have a model or a map that works. What an extroaordinary pickle. Antarctica messes up any flat earth model we do have, which doesn’t work anyway. So what now? Is there a solution? Do we have an alternative?

The options are:

1) find a solution in the form of a workable map, but nobody in history has ever made one that works. How long do we wait? years? A life time?

2) go back to believing the ball earth lies when we’ve proved beyond all doubt heliocentrism is false.

3) persue an alternative model like concave earth.

4) give up and spend all your spare time with a useless pursuit like watching TV and get re indoctrinated back in to the system.

5) Other

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