My Message to Flat Earthers , Flat Earth Experiments, Purpose and Use of the Flat Earth Theory

This is what Flat Earth was launched to distract our attention from the real scam. The real scam is exposed here:

Selected comment from Novusod

Flat Earth theory is paid organized trolling. It is a classic COINTELPRO operation. The quackademics as you call them are genuinely scared of the internet truth movement. The quackademics have a need to maintain credibility with the public or their lies will be exposed. Since the quackademics do not have the TRUTH on their side their only strategy is to discredit their critics on the internet. They can do this by “flat Earth” trolling.

Flat Earth trolls are being paid to spread this flat Earth “BS” on the web in order to discredit serious research on Alternative history and lost civilizations. These paid shills are doing this to “stawman” us so the quackademics can say:
— “Don’t look at Youtube videos those people believe the Earth is Flat. You must only
— listen to approved historians. We are a smart enough to do the thinking for you.”

That is how disinfo agents work. They “troll” with BS, then they “honey pot” the most gullible fools into believing it for real. When the lies get going it propagates through the web like a cancer. Honest people in the truth movement have to clean up the mess.

Selected comment from Konstantinos Matzaras (Kosta)

I have been climbing towers and mountains for 30 Years setting up wireless broadband antenna systems. Everyone of the thousands of connections we establish MUST be adjusted for the earth curvature. If we do not adjust for curvature “No signal” or “very weak connections” are always the results. Our Planet is not flat it is only really big, bigger than most of the people think, you can not “see” earth’s curvature @ 50 miles you have to be able to have sight for at least 150-200 miles (depends on elevation) to be able to get a feel for the curve. Instruments however, highly precise instruments do see the curve even at shorter distances, this is why we have to adjust for curvature. Let us Say for example, on a 100Km link we adjust .05 degrees for elevation for curvature alone, more for ground elevation if required. The misconception that most flat earth believers have is that lakes & rivers are flat. They are not, Some lakes, like Michigan Lake for example, if you were to travel/sail 20-30kh off of the cost of Chicago the elevation on the water is at 400-500 feet (Not Flat) many videos that I have seen, they report seeing the Chicago skyline from “far away”.. well of course, they are 500 feet in the air, even on the lake. That is what most flat earth believers do not take in to account, the actual size of our planet and the ground elevation vs 0 feet of elevation from the Sea / Ocean.

message from newearth
dear comment writers,

I sincerely apologise, however under this video i will not allow general flat earth discussion, but ONLY COMMENTS REGARDING THE POINTS I HAVE MADE IN THIS VIDEO ABOVE. if you have any comments on my content, that is fine.

my video does not endorse any shape of the earth, but is meant only to discuss the approach that will allow establishing the actual shape of the earth.

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