Enoch and the Still Flat Earth – 1 of 2

I will be posting the Isaiah 40 portion very soon, as time allows.

Enoch 1:2 From them I heard all things, and understood what I saw; that which will not take place in this generation, but in a generation which is to succeed at a distant period, on account of the elect.

Flat Earth 53:7 “And these mountains shall become flat like earth in the presence of His righteousness, and the hills shall become like a fountain of water. And the righteous ones shall have rest from the oppression of sinners.”

55:2 And YAHWEH swore by HIS own great NAME that from thenceforth HE would not do as HE had done to all who live upon the earth. And HE said, “I shall put up a sign in the heavens, and it shall become a symbol of faith between ME and them forever, as long as heaven is above the earth, which is in accordance with MY command.”

Enoch 74:7 And the days, Uriel showed me; the angel whom the Lord of glory appointed over all the luminaries.
Enoch 74:8 Of heaven in heaven, and in the world; that they might rule in the face of the sky, and appearing over the earth, become
Enoch 74:9 Conductors of the days and nights: the sun, the moon, the stars, and all the ministers of heaven, which make their circuit with all the chariots of heaven.

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