Precise to scale Flat Earth MAP coming part 3
North Pole to London = 4.293 KM 2,667 statute miles.

LHR London Heathrow to GLA Glasgow airport
282km west and 491 km north
175 miles west + 306 miles north

346 statute miles as the crow flies

LHR London Heathrow Airport to MCO Orlando Airport
4333 Statute miles. 6973KM. 3765 Nautical miles.

Orlando MCO Airport to JFK New York Airport
947 Statute miles. 1523KM. 823 Nautical miles. 2 hours 13 minutes flight time.
NY is 360 miles west of Orlando

JFK to LAX Los Angles Airport
2472 Statute miles. 3979KM. 2148 Nautical miles. 5 hours 11 minutes flight time.

LAX to MEX Mexico city Airport
1555 Statute miles. 2502KM. 1351 Nautical miles. 3 hours 27 minutes flight time.

MEX to MCO Orlando Airport
1282 Statute miles. 2063KM. 1114 Nautical miles. 2 hours 56 minutes flight time.

LAX Los Angles to YXE Saskatoon Airport Canada
1389 statute miles. 2285KM. 1207 Nautical miles. 3 hours 8 mins flight time.

JFK to YXE Saskatoon Airport Canada
1740 Statute miles. 2801KM. 1512 Nautical miles. 3 hours 48 mins flight time.

YXE Saskatoon Canada to FAI Fairbanks Alaska Airport
1682 Statute miles. 2707KM. 1462 Nautical miles. 3 hours 41 mins flight time.

FAI Fairbanks Alaska to LAX Los Angles Airport
2465 statute miles. 3967KM. 2142 Nautical miles. 5 hours 10 mins flight time.

MEC Eloy Alfaro Ecuador Airport to Mex Mexico city Airport
1884 statute miles. 3032KM. 1637 Nautical miles. 4 hours 4 mins flight time.
MCO Orlando Florida to MEC Eloy Alfaro Ecuador Airport.
2033 statute miles. 3271KM. 1766 Nautical miles. 4 hours 21 mins flight time.

MEC Ecuador Airport to NAT East Brazil airport
3155 statute miles. 5077KM. 2741 Nautical miles. 6 hours 28 mins flight time.

NAT Brazil to JFK New York Airport.
4042 statute miles. 6505KM. 3513 Nautical miles. 8 hours 9 mins flight time.

NAT Brazil to PUQ Chile Airport.
3827 statute miles. 6159KM. 3326 Nautical miles. 7 hours 45 mins flight time.

Ecuador Airport (MEC) to Chile Satiago Airport (SCL)
2334 statute miles. 3757KM. 2029 Nautical miles. 4 hours 55 mins flight time.

SCL Chile to NAT Brazil Airport.
2969 statute miles. 4778KM. 2580 Nautical miles. 6 hours 7 mins flight time.

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