Flat Earth – What Causes Tides? Winds?

The full series https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmeI9EAo8ADODG688zrwx8dVKBkr6m07I
The ‘cosmic streams’ spoken of here are cosmic ray streams coming from the dome and the stars and planets. It moves in a cyclical rhythm like a breath. The aether. The tides have been viewed and recorded by man since time immemorial. After learning the truth about the north pole from mercators letter etc, this was my next major revelation. Only from a friendly viewers question yesterday did I remember to, finally, put this together. Magnetism and/or the cosmic rays do still play a role in the movements of air and water currents, but, the pumping action created by the fusion of the sun and dome, the ‘four winds’, the cosmic breath cycle and the North Pole/Oceanic rifts seems to be the largest contributing factor in the creation of the tides. Also, the videos showing the magnetic properties of water on you-rube are questionable at best, Aaron Makimoto?..Yakimoto?..Yakuza?… (i cant remember his last name right now)Is a well known hoaxer trying to capitalize on free energy vids and peoples’ love of Tesla. He has been proven to be a hoaxer, and some of the tides videos are basing their info on that idea and source. From my own tests with salt water and magnetism, the proposed effects are not visible. I’m sure it seemed like a great epiphany at the time, but unfortunately it just doesn’t pan out. I would be happy if magnetism were the cause…I just don’t think it is. As I said earlier, It may play a role ( i would think it has to be part of the equation, just not the driving force)

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