Nasa Caught Redhanded in a Pool Faking Space – Flat Earth

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1. This website logically and factually explains why human space travel in orbits around Earth, to the Moon, Mars or anywhere in outer space is not possible, even if rockets actually work in vacuum. There is no way to return on Earth and do a re-entry. You are flying too fast and cannot find the location where to re-enter and land 10 minutes later.

2. The Yuri Gagarin around the Earth 1961 space orbit trip that started the hoax and the US/NASA foolish Moon trips 1969-1972 were simple fantasy and propaganda lies. The latter tricks were created in Hollywood studios to entertain us with useless US navy/air force pilots as actors, etc. All NASA Mercury and Gemini trips around the Earth a little earlier were similar.

3. Reason is simple; it is not possible to get away from planet Earth, land on and take off from the Moon (or Mars) and later make a re-entry and land on Earth again using a thin plate capsule – you are too heavy to start with and going too fast later and you will simply burn up as you cannot brake or reduce speed in the strong gravity field pulling you back to Earth. Same applies to any Shuttle or Soyuz or Dragon capsule, if you visit the International Fake/Space Station.

4. All heat shields protecting space crafts (capsules, shuttles, etc) and InterContinental Ballistic Missiles, ICBMs, at re-entries are useless. They just melt.

5. Imagine when the US and European public finally find out that they have been fooled for more than 50 years by NASA & Co … and the European Space Agency, ESA,… and media. Media will not do it. They will continue hiding the truth. All is fantasy fakery!

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