EARTH IS A TIME TOROID – Flat or Round Earth? Both Right!! New Proof

Time is fungible. Spin (interference)/gravity (mass) effect time.
Gravity is matter reflecting off of time and space. The Van Allen Belt is a fish-eye lens.
Hell In, Not On Earth. Hell is the burning desires of the wicked. That desire, when it gets to great, will overtake and consume the world. My theory is that Adam and Eve started time when they ate the apple (euphemistically ). When God flooded the Earth, only someone on a boat could survive the asteroid impact that turned the dome into a globe with hell in the middle. The aliens/angels/watchers in Saturn are waiting to be freed to help enslave humanity. The Universe is not as you believe and the shock of the truth will be fatal to the unprepared. When earth was flat, mankind lived ~1000 years, now because of the increased gravity/time-warp of the earth and solar radiation, human lifetimes are much shorter. Not to mention the degrading of DNA.
When they fail to ‘Restore’ there utopia, they will turn the earth away from the Sun like it says in Revelation. CERN is slowind down earth spin to make the earth flat again.
They are trying to stop the rotation of the earth with CERN to return to a flat world. When they fail,
they will make the earth turn away from the Sun. Get ready to separate the wheat from the chaff.
The Van Allen Belt is there because it is the speed of light barrier based of the circumference.
Gods Bidet?

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