Flat Earth – Absolute Proof Rockets Don’t Get To Space… Nothing Does!

After you get all upset because this video crushes your reality, try to overcome the need for an infinite nozzle size for a rocket in a vacuum. Realize all nasa imagery is fake, and after you truly look… and put all the evidence together, you’ll be back to flat earth, if you have the requisite parts.
When was the last time you checked to see if earth was round or flat… was it when you were five years old and they told you so in school? Did you have the faculty then to question authority and think for yourself?
Dont shoot the messenger, they’ve lied to you about this to keep you from knowing you are special, put here, as opposed to a cosmic coincidence. Has Virgin Galactic made it to space? No. Will they ever? No. Where is your precious civilian spaceflight, even ‘manned space flight”? if it were real, we would have had space tourism years ago, but it will never come. Will people be sent to mars? No, never, because we cant get to space, period. Rockets don’t work in space, jets cant get there either. And earth is flat. Get as angry as you want, it doesn’t change the facts.
Gravity doesn’t explain anything. The very definition of gravity is that “objects, by mass, attract each other.” When you throw an object and it passes by another heavy object, does it pull the thrown object, and warp the path? By its own definition, if gravity were true, cars couldnt pass each other without “gravitating”, swerving and causing accidents on the highway. Utterly clueless people, will say the first thing off the top of their head, like “well, only earth has gravity cuz its so big.” So, gravity is arbitrary? Only certain objects display this effect? Gravity is a ridiculous concept. Newton himself said it. Buoyancy, and density explain what we observe perfectly. More buoyant, lighter things float and go UP, less buoyant, more dense, heavy things sink and stay down. Get as angry as you like, gravity is still not real.

Post Author: hatefull