A Trip to the South Pole for FLAT EARTH Believers

All flat earthers say you can’t travel to the South Pole – WRONG! This company that created this video, Adventure Network International, does it every year and they are doing it right now in December (since it is spring at the South Pole right now).

The people at the south pole in this video are not saying anything about seeing Ice reaching into space or having any difficulty getting in or that the ice is holding the ocean from running over the edge of the flat earth.

Flat earthers are trying to act authoritative by saying you can’t go in, UN won’t let you in, there are weapons lining the shores keeping us out and so forth. Bullshit! Here is a list of tourist agencies going to Antarctica https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=antarctica+tours

Here is the link to this company that offer this special flight to the South Pole http://www.adventure-network.com/experiences/south-pole-flights

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