David Icke Falls for the Flat Earth PSYOP

No words to say really. Except: Why have you not chosen to address the flat earth nonsense as a PSYOP David Icke? Enjoy eternity knowing you enabled the murder of billions of people by supporting this psyop and not addressing actual, proven conspiracies such as depopulation. Enjoy.
”Why do you think this is a psyop?” – I’ll answer your question with questions: Why do you think the most absurd thing came out of the blue for no reason at all other than to discredit actually proven, life threatening conspiracies? Why do you think there are sock puppet accounts galore that will attack anyone speaking out about it who show activity on their youtube accounts of being nothing but subscribing to and thumbs upping flat earth videos? Why do you think that all over the mainstream media they are associating ”conspiracy theorists” with flat earthers when they speak about climate change in their agenda 21 shenanigans?


Post Author: hatefull