The Bible & Enclosed Flat Earth Truth – God’s Awesome Creation

Discover the beautiful enclosed flat earth truth from the Bible. Read Genesis again and don’t think of the lies you’ve been taught from NASA, monkey man science and the globalists. The earth is clearly described in the Bible and when you research the sun moon stars space and everything God created and compare with what modern day science is teaching there are massive issues. We have the tendency to try and put both together.

The firmament is what scripture says it is, and how it is described. I do not think anyone other than God Almighty knows: that seems to be one big point God Almighty makes in the Book of Job. No one knows how large the earth is, or has gone to its ends, or knows its true “secrets” but the creator of it all God Almighty: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. No man hath ascended up to heaven. No one knows what the firmament “looks like” again, I use scripture as a means of painting a picture to the best of our understanding of our earth: through the Word of God.

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Exposing the lies of the world and Celebrate Truth. John 14:6 Blessings.

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