Stop Indoctrinating Children With Global Lies – Teach Flat Earth Truth

From an early age Children are indoctrinated with the globe and the solar system told to us by NASA, Monkey Man Scientific Community and the Public School System. Kids all over the world are told that they are nothing more than a cosmic accident happening by chance with a big bang. This big bang story is nothing exploded and created everything. We need to stop indoctrinating our children with the lies that NASA, Monkey Man Science and the Global Elite teach. They are lies from Satan to destroy the foundations of God’s Word starting in Genesis. If you get people to question the beginnings then it’s easy to question the entire book. Satan has had in place a global plan that attacks the truth of the Bible for hundreds of years.

Do you know for sure we are on a spinning ball flying through space? If so why? If you have caught the large evolution lie then you need to research into the massive universe lie that all of their theories rest on.

Let’s make sure we are teaching our children Truth and not the lies of the world. Expose the lies of the world and Celebrate Truth John 14:6

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