BUSTED!!! – Flat earth SHILL – Trojan Horse!

To me, an obvious flat earth shill who has at least two YouTube Channels “The Order of Truth” and Joseph Flatley channel. He also uses “Lenny Flately” – This individual has been noted to be subscribed to several Flat Earth Video makers, has uploaded at least one Lfat Earth Video which is PRO flat earth, and yet he writes an article for “The Daily Dot” where he systematically denounces flat earth as STUPID among other things. He did a hatchet job on me in a recent article and has falsely tied me and everyone else who happens to be into flat earth as “Anti-Semetic” as he says that is the root which is in our DNA. He tried to atttach me to having an opinion on the Holocaust which he thinks is “THE” common thread in all of the flat earth movement. This, to me, is CLEARLY a shill! Paid and bought who was setting up to be a supposed PRO Flat Earth person but then, like the Flat Earth Society, then to move to totally discredit this TRUTH with his own twisted methods of lying directly and by omission of facts. He is attempting to be a Trojan horse in our midst.
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