New York Skyline from Bear Mountain – BIC Experiment – Flat Earth Theory Destroyed

According to Flat Earth Theory, people are expected to notice a serious inclination on boats and buildings far away from the viewer if the Earth has a curvature. If you cannot notice an inclination, FETers believe that the curvature must not exist.
Of course FETers never make any calculations to support their theory and if they rarely do, it usually is flawed. I say this because I do the math in this video.
The example I chose is from a video by Eric Dubay, a FET advocate. The example is used as a starting argument for FET. If this is a strong argument for FET then my grandma was an astronaut – Seriously!
Anyway, the curvature of the earth is so slight at the distances we can see with the naked eye and even with a telescope, that we will not perceive any noticable inclination.
Furthermore, if light is bending, (see Bendy light), you cannot trust your eyes to make any calculations.
We need HARD SOLID PROOF on what the curvature of the earth REALLY IS. This proof is the RECTILINEATOR experiment.
If you care for the TRUTH then you should all join together and run another rectilineator experiment to prove this ONCE AND FOR ALL.
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