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This is an upgraded version of the original with added timelapse footage. The old, low resolution footage has been replaced with high resolution HD footage. Watch how the sun comes at you when it’s rising and goes away from you when it’s setting. See how the sun’s light at sunset shrinks and trails after it – not at all what we would expect to see if the sun is 93,000,000 miles away.

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The sun doesn’t “fade away into the distance (vanishing point), because of what I call Celestial Perspective.

If you were standing next to a train the train is as big as it’s ever going to get. As the train goes away it can only get smaller and smaller eventually shrinking to a dot and vanishing into your horizon. The reason for that is, it occupies the same plane as you.

Celestial Perspective is different. Let me explain. When the sun is “NEXT” to you it’s vertically “next” to you, BUT ON A MUCH HIGHER PLANE THAN YOU – in other words it’s high, directly over your head. So due to its distance away VERTICALLY, its already experienced a VISUAL REDUCTION IN SIZE compared to what it would be if it was really next to you.

Then, as it goes away from you IT VISUALLY LOWERS as it follows the convergence lines down to your horizon essentially keeping its distance the same. The going away and the lowering OFFSET one another so there’s no change in size.

Kinda like if you’re flying a kite and it’s a mile up. It will appear a certain size. Now imagine it takes a dive to the ground, BUT ITS STRING STAYS TAUGHT. It hits the ground STILL A MILE FROM YOU, but instead of being a mile away vertically it’s a mile away horizontally. IT WOULD STILL APPEAR THE SAME SIZE EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOW A MILE DOWN THE ROAD FROM YOU.

That’s the difference between regular perspective that we’re all familiar with and what I call Celestial Perspective, something we’ve never been taught.

Concerning “crepuscular” rays… Seriously… What…. was crudcrapular already taken?… Lol

If the sun is 93 million miles away and a million miles in diameter (give or take – my guess is as good as theirs), the sun rays should be completely parallel to one another – where we see them coming through the clouds, right?… But we don’t… they splay out or diverge. Perspective will converge parallel lines that are PARALLEL TO THE OBSERVER’S EYE PLANE, that’s true.

What perspective won’t do is converge perpendicular lines and planes from the observers perspective. We should see the rays that come straight down out of the clouds STAY as parallel columns – but i’ve never seen sun rays come down vertically parallel to one another in person or photo…

If you don’t believe, that vertical lines that are perpendicular to an observer will stay parallel to one another, just look at some pictures of tall buildings or a long row of light poles. Perspective will “squeeze” them together and shorten them as they go away from you, but it will not “splay” them out. I’ve never seen a picture or seen in person, sunrays coming straight down and remaining parallel to each other, BUT WE SHOULD.

Perspective CANNOT converge lines and planes that are perpendicular to the observer. In other words, perspective cannot make vertical parallel lines like these “II” lean into each other forming an A-frame shape like this “A” – They will stay VERTICAL AND PARALLEL like for example “light poles” and ” tall buildings”

If the sun is nearly a million miles in diameter and 93,000,000 miles away we MUST see VERTICAL PARALLEL SUN RAYS engulfing the earth – but we don’t.

What we do see… are sun rays emitted out from the sun, like spokes from the axle of a bicycle tire. The rays we see emitted from the sun match exactly what we see coming through the clouds too. Conclusion… The sun is where we see it is and the sun rays are being emitted from a local small sun JUST AS WE SEE – the heliocentric model is not reality.

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