Flat Earth Sun SOLVED – Hypothesis

The light coming from the sun is not adequately explained on the globe model or the flat earth model, until now. I offer this presentation as an hypothesis to use moving forward, a sort of introduction to thinking how light works exactly in our world. The very idea that on an equinox date, that ALL observers on the earth would see either sunset at DUE WEST (270 degrees) and Sunrise DUE EAST (090 degrees) should have caused the scientific community to “wake up” a long time ago to the fact that what science has offered as an explanation for this, simply fails. Sunlight is seen on the earth at many different angles and thus proves a nearby sun. A proof available many times per month but people are not generally educated enough t know that a 93 million mile away light source can not send rays that distance through space at anything other than 89-90 degree angle. Yet, until now, the flat earth model can’t show why all see the sun in the exact same location on that day either because the sin is so much closer to the earth. I explain in this video how the flat earth CLOSE SUN MODEL WORKS – with science backing! There is much to put together with this as this is just a hypothesis which needs refinement. nothing in this video should be taken as the “final word” on exactly ho this works. It is an introduction to the truth of how it works and not the concluding chapters on it.

Post Author: hatefull