Flat Earth in 15 Minutes or Less Natural observations and logical extraploations.

My take on the FLAT EARTH model, based on the evidence I have at this time. I don’t have the ability to travel to the southern or northern-most regions of the world, so much of what lies beyond the unknown has only ever been a false picture in our minds, and the 1950’s antarctic treaty intends for it to remain as such.

Our curious, exploratory nature as humans has been capped-off by the globe earth, as well as any other enclosed system designed to keep us here on a prison for the mind. I cannot prove that the infinite plane model is correct, and plenty of people disagree with me, however it only makes sense in terms of motive. I simpply do not see the world military powers going to such great lengths to simply hide the world’s flatness… Doesn’t make any sense if we go to the edge and fall into space.. Very similar to the globe earth model in that sense, as there’s no escape. I hypothesize that if we travel beyond the outer-most ring of the world, we’ll go through our protective electromagnetic barrier, and find more land beyond the superficial boundary.

I stand to be correct on this at any time, and my opinion could change on that tomorrow. But the evidence has led me to being a flat earther, with a tendency towads the plane being infinite, and space being FINITE in a sense that it is not an ever-expanding void full of galaxies spreading out from the big bang. The big bang is impossible in light of the flat earth, so we must start from scratch with any model of our world..

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