Solar Eclipse Hoax – Exposing the Global Lies from God’s Enclosed Flat Earth System

Don’t ever look at the sun and never look at an eclipse! The sun’s light is very harmful but haven’t we been told that the sun reflects off of the moon? Why is it okay to look at the moon then? In this video you will see that the entire spinning ball flying through space model is a lie. The Bible states a different creation account than the one you have been taught by science and NASA. When you research you’ll see that the Sun and the Moon are different light sources. You will find out that they are a lot closer than what you’ve been told. Why would they lie? Could this be the world’s biggest lie ever told?

Flat Earth Models – Paul Cheeft

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Flat Earth & The Bible – We are NOT Stars (Episode 1)

In Episode 1 of Flat Earth & The Bible we ask a few questions on the significance of the stars. Is there a deeper meaning of what they have been teaching us about the Sun, Moon and Stars? Why is science and occult philosophy teaching the same thing? Could the biggest lie of all with God’s creation have a unifying way of bringing on the New World Order? We explore and learn more about the beginning connections and where they could lead. We are made in God’s image. We are not made from stars. The entire heliocentric model of our universe is a lie. Don’t let Satan deceive you.

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