Flat Earth Debunked: A time lapse of the 24 hour sun in Antarctica

This video was made by the film maker Anthony Powell.

You can see a better quality version of this here.


This video shows a time lapse of the 24 hour sun in Antarctica, which is impossible on a flat Earth. The sun is moving in a clockwise direction in the sky. You can see a wrist watch in the shot, so this wasn’t taken in the Arctic and reversed. You can also see Scott Base in the background. You can see Scott Base on Google Earth. The sun is clearly visible for 24 hours. There is cloud cover for part of the video, but you can clearly see that it is still day and you can see where the sun is through the clouds. I make these points in the anticipation of the insane objections flat Earthers will make.

There is no way this is possible if the sun is moving in a giant circle centred at the North Pole. Bare in mind, at the same time there is 24 hours of darkness in the Arctic. Flat Earthers would have us believe that the sun can shine at all points around the edge of a flat Earth, even when it is on the opposite side of the flat Earth, whilst being invisible at the centre of the flat Earth.

I have had one moron through google, claim that the location cannot be verified. This is the revolting intellectual dishonesty I have come to expect from flat Earth proponents. If you don’t think this is Antarctica, then what exactly are you suggesting? That there was a mirror image replica of Scott Base built in the Arctic, they made a special backwards wrist watch, filmed the 24 hour sun and then reversed the image? I have heard from flat Earthers so many times that there is no proper footage of the 24 hour sun in Antarctica, well here it is. Perhaps they think this is CGI or that it was shot using a fish eye lens. Ultimately, it is not about evidence with these ridiculous idiots. They allow themselves carte blanche to dismiss any evidence that is inconvenient and to make up any shit that they want.

There is no statement so stupid that a flat Earther won’t make it.

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