Flat Earth “DEBATE”: Art Bell & Dr. Grindlay Vs TheMorgile (Midnight in the Desert REMIX)

Oooooh SHIT, it’s the REMIX! (Thanks YouTube for doing the honorable thing and removing the copyright strike which was obviously a bunch of shit from Art Bell’s producers (or Dr. G’s Associates?)…

(thought it was a) *FART* (taco) *BELL* (shits) *SHOW* —

If you missed the “debate” with me (theMorgile) Single-handedly square-off against the Tag-Team Duo: *”Stinky” Farts Smell* & *Dr. Josh Grindlay* (Harvard Astrophysicist and professor), *AKA Ignoramus Maximous”, you can enjoy the highlights in this REMIX!

Leveling the playing field of the “debate” hosted and “mediated” by Art (Smelly Fart) Bell. The totally illogical and demonstrably FALSE heliocentric model was Vehemently defended by “Ignoramus Maximus” Dr. Josh Grindlay, Harvard Astrophysicist & Professor, and “NASA” Adviser — No surprise that he mad a total ass of himself by regurgitating the lies and falsities we’re expected to swallow if we’re to subscribe to his (shattered and crushed) model.

You can download the original Show HERE, (if you want to hear the full definition of a non-scientific, non-debate, one-sided show of ignorance by THE KING of Ignorance (Dr. Grindlay), and his Leprechaun-esque side-kick “Stinky” Farts Smell on the WED, 8/5/15 Show, “Midnight in the Desert”. Should you decide to listen to the ORIGINAL Live broadcast, be prepared to have your IQ points lowered by a significant factor.

(Direct Download Link): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2tagt5595xsngk5/AACFFgt8Jl3IIRWg0gvhFMB2a?dl=0

I’ve been told these dropbox links are dead, so I’ve uploaded the original debate audio onto google drive for streaming or download here:


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