FLAT EARTH – ISS Fisheye Correction – Earth from Space NASA

Go Pro Fisheye Lens Correction applied to NASA footage.
This video gives you a tough decision to make…
Is the Earth Flat or Round?

If you believe NASA is telling the truth and this is filmed at 400Km then the Earth is flat. If you are saying that’s impossible then you must suppose that the ISS is actually orbiting at a much lower altitude than we are told.

We know NASA has had problems with the Van Allen Radiation Belt and they like to avoid it, in some places it starts from as low as 200Km above the earth. We can clearly see the ISS in the night sky with the naked eye (it is 108 x 72 meters in size). So just how high up is it?

It would be interesting if anyone can link a picture of a mathematical model of the earth and the apparent curvature as seen from 400km. The make and model of the lens used to film would be handy too to make this more accurate.

If we can clear up the altitude + lens issue and get an accurate picture, I wonder what answer we will get to our question – stay tuned !

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