Flat Earth Debunked: proof that the Earth is a spheroid / a sphere / a globe / round

This channel is effectively closed. I am bored of flat Earth and everyone involved in it. It is an utter joke, and I am sick of reading the same lies, day in day out, from flat Earthers. Flat Earthers should be treated with derision and contempt. The very act of entering into a discussion with them is to extend to them a level of respect that they do not deserve. They lie, they manipulate, they distort information, they invent pseudoscientific ideas. Everything that comes from the flat Earth community should be dismissed as white noise. They thrive on their notoriety, and the abuse they incur. I have never encountered a phenomenon even remotely similar. Flat Earthers are revolting excuses for human beings.

Out of interest, I will list some of the reasons that we know the Earth is, without any shadow of a doubt, a sphere.

Viewed with a solar filter, the sun is the exact same size in the sky at all times and at all locations. On an equinox, it rises due east and sets due west everywhere on Earth. When there are sun spots, the same sun spots are visible everywhere on Earth, indicating that the same face of the sun is visible everywhere on Earth. The sun also moves with a constant speed across the sky. The only sane conclusion from these observations is that the sun is a large distant object. If the sun is a distant object then all the light from it is approximately parallel, yet we know that the sun’s position in the sky varies as we move across the surface of the Earth, indicating that observers in different locations are at angles to each other. This indicates that the Earth is a sphere.

At any given moment the sun is directly overhead somewhere on Earth. As you move away from this location, the sun drops in the sky. The distance from where the sun is directly overhead is directly proportional to the angle that the sun deviates from the vertical. This is the exact relationship you would expect on a spherical Earth with a distant sun.

There are two sets of circumpolar stars. One in the south, and one in the north. In the north they rotate anti-clockwise, in the south they rotate clockwise. By measuring the angle of elevation of the centre of rotation, you can know how many degrees north or south of the equator you are. That only makes sense on a spherical Earth.

At different latitudes, different stars are visible. For example, Polaris is only visible in the Northern Hemisphere. Also, there are different stars visible in summer than in winter, because the sun moves relative to the background stars.

We have very accurately mapped the entire surface of the Earth, as is evidenced by our ability to navigate from any location to any other location. The geography of the Earth can only fit on the surface of a sphere, as can be seen on Google Earth.

If you are on the equator facing east and you start moving in a straight line, you will follow the equator all the way round. If you are on any other line of latitude facing east and you start moving in a straight line, you will eventually reach the equator. All lines of latitude are parallel, yet apart from the equator, they form curved lines on the surface of the Earth. That is only possible on a sphere. You can satisfy yourself this is true by considering paths that the sun describes over the surface of the Earth.

The spherical Earth/heliocentric model can be used to predict the exact path that the sun will follow across the sky on any given day of the year at any latitude. There is also a perfect north/south symmetry in our observations of the sun.

Ships disappear over the horizon. Yep, it’s an old one, but despite the lies they come out with, flat Earthers have never explained it – and no, you can’t bring it back into view with telescope.

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