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Everything is a lie, our history, religions, etc., and NASA is the biggest liar of them all along with the entire banking system. We come to this world and are introduced to this “System” from birth. But who made it? Who created us and why? Flat Earth is only the tip of an iceberg. Extra-terrestrials come from beyond Antarctica where other civilizations exist. I highly recommend you watch the movie Prometheus (eye-opener), watch videos on Resets of 1800′ and listen to Terra Papers. And btw, commercial planes do chemtrails too now since they want to kill us faster. After you watch Prometheus you’ll understand.
Everything is a lie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0781jGcbTU&list=PUegOTmclzjfKuQh0SHflqww

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They’ve been playing us for many, many years. Globe Earth Theory is just a THEORY, nothing else. Never once the Globe Earth model has been proven to exist in reality.

Globe Earth Model opposes all the physics and logical thinking and things combined that we can observe and verify here on Earth. Globe Earth Theory has been mastered to perfection using sophisticated mathematical formulas and equations, government agencies and private institutions, the involvement of TV, Media, Hollywood, Public Education System, and CGI. Those organizations conceal the real information about the shape of our world and replace it with fake data and information.

Water always finds its level (flat). Think about it.

FLAT EARTH REALIZATION passes through 3 stages:
1. It is ridiculed.
2. It is violently opposed.
3. It is accepted as being self evident.

7 Stages of Learning about Flat Earth:
1. No way the Earth is flat.
2. Maybe it’s flat.
3. It might be flat.
4. It could be flat.
5. Probably is flat.
6. Pretty sure it’s flat.
7. It’s DEFINITELY flat.

Please try to understand that Solar System is based on assumptions, theories and speculations, nothing else. NASA never went to the Moon, we don’t have a single REAL picture of the spinning globe earth! All of the alleged “globe pictures” are composites and CGIs or simply pictures of the curved horizon that were “made” using a fisheye lens.

The Earth is flat and stationary. You can deny it as much as you want but your denial won’t change this. Because this is the fact.
99% of the population has been successfully indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that we live on spinning and speeding Globe Earth and that’s a lie. Please check my channel and my videos for more information.

The link to the website about southern hemisphere: http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/9831/southern-hemisphere-projections-for-landsat-upsets-grass

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