Flat Earth Experiment – 4 Mile Laser Test RESULTS Show PROOF of No Curvature

For the full video of the camera footage from Pacific Grove, see this video https://youtu.be/C6G4ubiFTgs

The video is here and the next test is booked. We will be stepping it up and next measuring the curvature of 13.25 miles. This curvature is a whopping 100 feet. This test will be a very profound result. Will it show any curve at all or will it be the absolute truth?

Thank you to everyone who helped with funding on this experiment. To Bob and Cami- thanks a ton! You guys are the best! To Eric Dubay from your favorite shill on Earth- thanks a bunch! I appreciate your generosity. And to all the subscribers and those who watched on Live Stream.

Stay tuned, I will add download links to all files from this test.

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Peace to All. Thanks for watching!

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