Flat Earth vs. The Globe – LASER TEST FLAT EARTH EXPERIMENT – Hypothesis

UPDATE: The videographer has been paid for and secured. Looks like the test will be done on Thursday evening, (weather permitting) and that will be streamed live from this channel.

THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all those who donated towards this test! With the added videographer and his specialized camera equipment, we will be getting great footage of 3 different anomalies on Thursday…
1. Boats as they pass the horizon.
2. Seashore of a city 25-40 miles from our shoot location
3. We will conduct the laser test over 4 miles to see if the Earth curves 10 feet as the globe model suggests or does the beam remain flat, like the flat earth model suggests.

Could not have done this without the help of my amazing viewers! Thanks again, and no further donations are needed toward the $200 videographer!

Coming Soon! The 1000 mw Laser Test! With the spot picked with a 4 mile distance, we now are just adding the final touches.
Can’t wait to get the results!

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Peace to All. Thanks for watching!

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