A clown perpetuating a psyop debunked himself. HILARIOUS!
They claim that the effect of seeing the moon in an opposite vertical orientation relative from the northern and southern hemisphere can be explained in a ”flat earth model”. A child can realize this is not true, for we would see both sides of the moon, however only one side is visible at any time. Also, seeing the moon appear ”upside down” if you lived in the south then went to the north is a reality however this model shows clearly that the moon would not appear upside down.

FINALLY WE CAN FOCUS ON THINGS THAT ACTUALLY MATTER, AFFECT US, AND ARE PROVEN. There still is time to expose the plans to set up an authoritarian world government, orchestrated wars, divide and conquer techniques, fluoridation, Aspartame, GMO, etc.

Another interesting thing to note is how there are clear paid agents with no content posting attacking mean comments as well as thumbing down, so please thumbs up this video everyone or I’ll have to disable ratings as well due to how mind controlled people are to most probably not click play if they see a majority of thumbs down.

Here’s a funny discussion of these guys going off about it:

Video that was analyzed:
Video that was attempted to be debunked:

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