The World Beyond Belief 145 The Flat Earth/Globe Earth Deception

This episode explores the idea of the flat earth, which has been re-surfacing into the public consciousness recently. In addition to presenting various points that have all of us global folks coming to attention and questioning our learned reality, the issues of why now, how now and implications for the role of human consciousness is discussed. Taking ideas from quantum physics and combining these ideas with mind control, conditioning and the fore warning practice of the dark forces produces possible predictions for the future that are as scary as they are humorous. Join us for this romp through our idea of how mind control stimulates consciousness to create the future that the controllers desire and we don’t even realize that we are complicit in our own enslavement.

The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Paul W.Marko, Ph.D., author of Belief Magic : Decoding the Belief Matrix available from and

The 10 Part Serious By Mark Sargent:

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 1 – Empty Theatre

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 2 – Byrd Wall

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 3 – Map Makers

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 4 – Shell Beach

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 5 – Status Quo

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 6 – Depth Perception

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 7 – Long Haul

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 8 – Creative Force

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 9 – Magic Show

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 10 – Hiding God

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