FLAT EARTH – The Nazis of NASA and the Infinite Plane vvv(LINK TO VERSION W/ SOUND BELOW)vvv

3/8/2017 ~ This video has been up for almost TWO YEARS, and YouTube recently decided to MUTE the video WORLD-WIDE!!! This is Censorship at its worst, but thanksfully, there’s a work around. You can now watch this landmark FLAT EARTH video, (for me, anyway), on my GoogleDrive Here:
Special thanks to Jonathan for sending me the archive he had on file. Enjoy, and THANKS A LOT Youtube for deciding to censor my most-popular, very-first FLAT EARTH video. Was it making too much sense? Is that why it was “Muted”? Taking it down would have seemed too much, so you muted my entire narration? [email protected]

History, as we know it is full of lies perpetrated upon us by the “Global” Elite. NASA was founded by NAZI scientists who were supplanted into our culture after WWII. Our world isn’t a globe, but rather an infinite plane, beset on all sides by an ice wall, known as the Antarctic.


Borrowed Clips from Math Boylan, Eric Dubay and Bart Sibrel.

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