(Flat Earth) A Christian’s Challenge and Warning!!

My goal is to make Believers in Christ, who are enlightened to this TRUTH, aware that they have an obligation to inform Christians who are not aware, or at least, give them a fair warning as to the coming “Shock” of Reality!! And to all you who claim to be “Believers” in our Lord Jesus, please read up on the following scriptures regarding “Sun Movement” Psalms 19:4-6, Joshua 10:12-13, Ecclesiastes 1:5-6, and for those who use Isaiah 40:22 as proof of a “Globe”, you are so DECEIVED! YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE EZEKIEL 1:21-26; ALONG WITH ISAIAH 40:22…PLEASE TRY TO GROW UP!! FACE THIS REALITY NOW!! READ EZEKIEL 1:21-26!! PLEASE! GENESIS 1:14-17 PROVES THAT EVERYTHING IS INSIDE THE DOME! PLEASE STOP HARASSING THOSE OF US WHO BELIEVE THE LORD AT HIS WORD!!

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