The Earth Is Flat, Rory Cooper Says So! Part I: The Polaris Conundrum.

Quick Note – Attention Flat Earthers!
I’m flattered that my video has aggrieved many of you enough to come and comment on it in such an impassioned way – I guess that means I’ve touched a few nerves. Proof that I must be doing something right.

There are some rules for the commenting, which I shall make clear:

1) You are welcome to leave comments addressing the video and I will reply if I have time;
2) You are welcome to intersperse your points with insults, and I will be happy to reply in kind;
3) If you say something stupid (especially if you say something stupid with the smug veneer that you’ve said something amazing and profound), don’t be surprised if I tell you why it’s stupid – and maybe even call you stupid;
4) If your comment relies solely on insults and fails to address any points raised, then I shall most likely ignore you, because you obviously have no argument (I’m looking at you, Iovandrake);
5) If you comment and block me from replying, you will be banned – I can’t be bothered messing around with immature idiots.
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7) If you continue to do the above after multiple warnings, or even then complain that I’m censoring you – when in fact, I’m posting what you said up, but stopping you from drowning out everyone else’s comments, which isn’t fair on them – then I will happily temporarily ban you for an arbitrary amount of days, but you will be welcome to come back when you’ve learnt your lesson (Rory, I’m looking at YOU).

I welcome discourse – even discourse with the odd insult thrown in – and I will not censor comments just because you disagree with me, or produce a mind blowing argument that I cannot successfully counter (though, let’s face it, the likelihood of that happening is basically non-existent).
However, I don’t welcome morons who attempt to censor me on my own channel, because they’re feeling intensely butt-hurt that someone should have the audacity to critically analyse their world view and find it somewhat wanting (understatement of the century) – and I’m not in the business of stroking the egos of idiots who can’t stand being shown to be idiots (Iovandrake, I’m looking at you again).

Now that that’s cleared up, on with the show….

Welcome to the first video in my series “The Earth Is Flat, Rory Cooper Says So!” – in which we’ll examine the rather intellectually challenged claims made by geometrically illiterate Flat Earth proponents, such as Rory Cooper.

In this video, we look at what the stars have to say about the shape of the Earth – primarily the pole stars.
Rory Cooper has attempted to state that Polaris somehow proves the Earth is flat – but in order to do this, he had to make the monumental gaff of claiming that both the pole stars are one and the same.
Join me in a critical investigation of whether the pole stars really can be accounted for by a Flat Earth model.

You can watch JimSmithInChiapas’ excellent video here:
Check out his channel, too:

Many huge thanks to CoolHardLogic, for his recent shout out.
His channel is amazing, and I recommend his videos to everyone:

Quick Note: Just as I’m uploading this video, I’ve noticed that Rory’s videos seem to have mysteriously disappeared.
Not sure if he’s deleted them, or what’s going on.
Am wondering if anyone else can confirm this.

This won’t affect the series though – there’s still plenty of material out there 😉
It may affect the name, though.


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