Flat Earth Society - "Ear To The Ground" (Big Band Version) thumbnail

Flat Earth Society – “Ear To The Ground” (Big Band Version)

Peter Vermeersch & Flat Earth Society’s big band interpretation (as part of their HEARSEE Project) of David Van Tieghem’s video collaboration with John Sanborn & Kit Fitzgerald, “Ear to the Ground.”

The Flat Earth Society has Arisen Again thumbnail

The Flat Earth Society has Arisen Again

Yesterday – millions of Americans tuned into Fox So-Called News’ The Five – and were treated to 15 minutes of the hosts debunking – ridiculing and laughing at scientifically-proven climate change. How is it that anybody takes these clowns seriously any more? Denying climate change is about as sensible as thinking that the sun revolves…

Operation Flat Earth  (1963) thumbnail

Operation Flat Earth (1963)

Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire. L/S helicopter (gyrocopter) lifting a jeep over the plain. M/S soldier looking out of helicopter. L/S shadow of helicopter and jeep on plain. L/S helicopter. C/U soldier inside helicopter. L/S helicopter lowering jeep to ground, three soldiers watch. C/U helicopter cockpit. M/S, inside helicopter, soldiers jumping out onto plain. M/S, from plain,…

Faking a Ball Earth, Job 26, and the Flat Earth thumbnail

Faking a Ball Earth, Job 26, and the Flat Earth

just in case somebody might become mistaken, let me clarify a point… the King James Bible is the only Bible english speaking people should be reading… if you have an NIV bible, tear it up and throw it in the garbage bad comments get the ban hammer.,, so don’t bother, boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xciCJfbTvE4