Does the bible teach flat Earth?

Calling someone a “flat-earthier” defiantly isn’t a compliment but many people believe that, in the past, the church taught that the earth is flat.

Historian Jeffrey Burton Russell put this myth to rest in his definitive book “Inventing the Flat Earth.” He could only find five obscure writers in the first fifteen hundred years of the Christian era, who denied the earth was a globe. What’s more, science historian John Heilbron documented in his book, “The Sun in the Church,” that the church actually supported astronomers by letting them use cathedrals as solar observatories.

The Bible itself makes some intriguing references to the earth’s shape. The most prominent is in Isaiah 40 where is describes God sitting enthroned above the circle of the earth. The Hebrew word here is חוּג (khûg), which denotes sphereity or roundness.

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