Dream Cymbals Dark Matter 22″ Flat Earth Ride – DMFE22


Dream Cymbals DMFE22. These are a stunning combination of two signature Dream sounds. The small bell flat and the dark matter combine to create a sound that is salty, gritty and dry yet without losing the life of a fine hand hammered ride.

The bells are borrowed from our famous small bell flat and the bow is nearly flat. The Dark Matter re-firing dries out the sound and adds a unique layer of complexity to a real dark horse.

Can you tame it?

Dark Matter are heavy and totally un-lathed. While not at all gongy, they certainly can ring a bit more than a traditional lighter cymbal. Stick response is fantastic.

They currently come in two flavors, the Dark Matter Energy Rides and the Dark Matter Flat Earth Rides. The grand-daddy of the Dark Matter family will be available shortly, the Dark Matter Moon Rides: these are quite heavy, very dry and cutting. Not for the faint of heart.

Energy rides: lathed under firing, large bells, medium weight, dry stick response.

Flat Earth rides: lathed under firing, micro bell, flat profile.

Moon rides: very heavy, large bells, un-lathed, double fired. Hi cutting, dry. .

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