On April 8 2011, NASA scientists discovered the size of the Earth has been miscalculated by over miilions of square miles and is in fact larger than GPS calculations tell us. A matter of fact it’s FLAT. The Earth’s real size may in fact be several billion times larger beyond that last white rung on the world’s official flat earth map the USGS UN FLAG . Yes that’s correct the UN stole the FLAT EARTH science flag to depict one world government. The Joke is on YOU. The public is not told about the other earth sections separated by the ice of Antarctica which is 360 degrees around our Salt water EARTH pond with its land masses. different hidden continental sections the UN and most world governments are concealing this and can more easily program and control your mind if the container itself is a deception. This deception is the picture of the GLOBE. It is estimated that these other continental sections exist in the greater area known as Antarctica.
Several NASA artists and Scientists in this video disclose certain undeniable and non-debatable facts as they prepare the public for the coming disclosure of the Earth’s true size and shape in a candid soirée. Featuring NASA Notables head NASA historian and image Wizard Math Powerland and NASA communications advisor Sandy Charbonneau, practicing to disclose .

The sun is in fact rotating around our section with other suns rotating around other massive geothermal saltwater ponds with earthly land masses. These suns can be seen at night, we call them stars, all of which are what was deemed for 1000’s of years the constellations. They are rotating around many continental sections on a much larger icy planetary surface presently which begins at the footsteps of what is known as Antarctica . Scientists fear these new findings can jeopardize the mental state of the earth’s population and possibly impact the earth’s axis forever. N.A.S.A : National Arts and Science Association where Art and Science come together to fool the public

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