Safest Powered Paragliding Paraglide Paramotor On Earth!!! Flat Top Paramotor!

( FLAT TOP PARAMOTOR) Powered Paragliding safest and most durable paramotor on earth. Flat Top This video demonstrates that the Flat Top from Revolution Paramotors is tuff enough to hold back more pressure than the full thrust of the motor from a human hand going through the netting or the cage flexing into the prop. The Flat Top is the ONLY motor to pass all WPSDA safety tests like these. What is even more impressive it the strength comes from the design, not just heavy tubing. The Flat Top is also the lightest unit in its class, the most powerful and the quietest. Also note this cage covers a 51 inch prop!! The larger cage is even more difficult to disign to hold up to this because there is more leverage. The Flat Top is the industry leader. Most units will allow the prop & netting to come together with only a few pounds of pressure. 200 lbs is AMAZING!!!

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